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We work on a collaborative basis with clients to make their businesses more regenerative while increasing revenues, reducing costs, and maximizing profits. Contact us to brief us on your project and to schedule a time for an initial discussion.

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Make Energy a Competitive Advantage

Transform energy from a cost to a competitive advantage by implementing energy efficiency measures, installing renewable energy systems, and designing for energy.

Maximize Farm Profits

Stack multiple regenerative agriculture enterprises on the same land while also leveraging packaging, processing, and distribution direct to customers to maximize profits.

Plan and Finance Farm Enterprises

Develop and structure financial plans, models, and the documentation needed to successfully finance farms, equipment, and expansion.

Reduce Feed & Fertilizer Costs

Stop wasteful spending on feed and fertilizer inputs by adopting regenerative farming practices that improve soils, grow your own nutrients, increase yields, increase fodder production, and reduce the need for purchased inputs.

Regenerative Design to Increase Revenues, Reduce Costs, & Maximize Farm Profits

At a time when many older agriculture business models are failing or in long-term decline, there are many agricultural business models that are growing and profitable. Most require shifting from producing raw commodities sold wholesale to producing more refined products sold directly to end-users. Furthermore, many conventional farming practices have depleted soils and require a never ending treadmill of purchasing greater volumes of inputs to maintain yields in a stagnant to declining commodity price environment. Regenerative agriculture offers a wide variety of strategies that can rejuvenate farms and rural communities, create and sustain jobs, reduce dependence on expensive inputs, and increase farm profits while improving soils, reducing energy usage, reducing water usage, and improving the environment.

Understand Your Energy Usage & How You Can Convert Energy into a Competitive Advantage Through Investments in Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency
We have evaluated, designed, financed, and/or developed over 600 commercial and utility scale renewable energy and energy efficiency projects covering all major technologies including solar PV, solar thermal, wind, energy storage, fuel cells, geothermal, biofuels, LED lighting, net zero energy greenhouses, and a wide variety of energy efficiency measures.