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We work on a collaborative basis with clients to make their businesses more regenerative while increasing revenues, reducing costs, and maximizing profits. Contact us to brief us on your project and to schedule a time for an initial discussion.

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  • Energy Assessment

  • $ 1,000
    Per Electric Meter
    • Collaborative Questionnaire Driven Process to Reduce Cost
    • U.S. & Canada
    • No Travel Required
  • Site Selection Evaluation

  • $ 1,500
    Per Site
    • Physical Site Visit With Online Consultation and Written Report
    • 4 Hour Drive Radius Unless $5,000 Minimum Met
    • All Travel Approved & Pre-Paid in Advance
  • Financial Planning

  • $ 1,000
    Per Project
    • Collaborative Excel Spreadsheet Template Driven Process to Reduce Cost
    • Any Location
    • No Travel Required
  • All Other Consulting & Design Services

  • $ 5,000
    Per Project Minimum Price
    • All Projects Quoted Separately Based on Project Tasks & Costs
    • U.S. Nationwide
    • All Travel Approved & Pre-Paid in Advance

We offer three fixed price service packages that are well defined, standardized projects. Everything else that we do requires a discussion and a formal estimate with a $5,000 minimum level of effort. Costs for projects will vary greatly based on the level of effort, schedule, and tasks to be completed. The following are some representative benchmark costs:

  • Farm design/plan projects start at $10,000 and can exceed $50,000 for projects that require multi-million dollar capital raises from multiple funding sources and the creation of multiple documentation packages for investors.
  • USDA Feasibility Studies to support loan applications typically cost $8,000 to $12,000.
  • Cost reduction projects are priced based on labor and travel costs. Most will be between $5,000 and $20,000 with a payback period measured in months.
  • Development projects typically are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars spread over multiple years with implementation budgets in the millions or tens of millions. These projects usually involve monthly retainers between $5,000 and $10,000+ per month, board seats, and equity.
  • Projects implementing regenerative systems and infrastructure can range from $1,000 per acre to tens of millions (large commercial scale greenhouse projects) in total construction, equipment, and contractor costs.
  • Energy Cost Reduction Analysis projects rely on clients obtaining the required information. Any requirements for site visits or energy audits to collect data will add additional hourly labor, travel, and subcontractor costs. These projects may lead to implementation projects. We frequently work with customers on an hourly basis to help them select vendors, adjust designs for changes in equipment, and manage projects.
  • Economic development work is billed hourly. This is typically a smaller task added to larger planing and development projects. Most can be done with two or three trips to meet with the various economic development players. For very large projects (100+ jobs and >$5 million in total incentives), there will usually be more trips, mostly for project management purposes.
  • Net Zero Energy Passive Solar Greenhouses typically cost between $75 and $200 per square foot to build and commission. A 5,000 SF one will typically cost ~$300,000. Acre scale ones with a megawatt of solar cost ~$15 million. We also have a design for enhanced high tunnels that include insulated foundation walls and a climate battery that can be implemented for roughly twice the cost of typical generic high tunnels.

All client projects require the execution of a services agreement. We require advanced payment for all travel and business class air travel for all international flights. All time spent during travel is billable.

Project success depends on client participation and timely completion of all worksheets, checklists, templates, and information requests.