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Passive Solar Greenhouse Design

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We have developed a design for commercial (acre) scale net zero energy passive solar greenhouses. These facilities are ultra energy, water, and labor efficient while relying on a utility scale solar and combined heat and power biogas digester with lithium ion battery energy storage systems to provide below utility rate power. Most of the existing passive solar designs by Jerome Osentowski, CERES, Rob Avis, and others have been for 5,000 SF or smaller greenhouses. Our complex with three separate but interconnected greenhouses, mushroom growing facilities, food processing and packing facilities, cold storage, offices, labs, a classroom for SUNY Cobleskill, and other support facilities, totals over 215,000 SF. The preliminary design specification document for the greenhouse was over 100 pages with additional spreadsheet and 3D CAD models. Although the design shares many common features with smaller 5,000 SF passive solar greenhouse designs, our design scales to the maximum possible 120′ clear spans possible with steel buildings, supports mezzanine levels, and is designed to leverage vertical tower growing systems hanging on a 2nd floor level above the primary greenhouse. We have also adapted the design to support certified organic vertical growing using soil, aquaponic, and/or hydroponic growing methods. The energy systems are designed for large electrical loads for LED grow lights, year round climate control, cold storage, processing, and other equipment using 480 volt three phase with smart building controls. Although low grade geothermal “climate battery” earth tube systems are popular with passive solar greenhouse designers, we found that they do not scale and that geothermal HVAC systems are more energy and cost efficient at this large scale. The design allows year round production under controlled environments that maximize yields year round while allowing great flexibility in changing crops from cycle to cycle to meet customer demand. In addition, the design converts energy from being a major cost to a major competitive advantage against other growers. We integrate indoor mushroom growing using automated bag growing methods to produce high value shiitake, oyster, and other mushrooms that grow on hardwood saw dust and chip substrates. The mushrooms produce carbon dioxide for the greenhouses as well as compost fertilizers for plants.