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We work on a collaborative basis with clients to make their businesses more regenerative while increasing revenues, reducing costs, and maximizing profits. Contact us to brief us on your project and to schedule a time for an initial discussion.

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Financial Planning

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We have been creating investment banking grade corporate cashflow models for physical commodity projects for over twenty years dating back to when our founder worked at Enron in their deal pricing and risk analysis group that was responsible for doing cashflow modeling and structuring of transactions. Corporate cashflow models are large spreadsheets with multiple tabs that allow detailed modeling of a business’s operations and their direct impacts on monthly and annual financial statements. They are typically used for structuring project finance transactions, reducing risks, optimizing business models, and generating the financial statements required for debt and/or equity financing transactions.

For decades, these models have been custom built by highly skilled MBAs and financial engineers for each project. This often took a month or more of expensive professional labor such that these models were only used for large multi-million dollar transactions. In the mid-1990s, it would take a day to run a single iteration of the model — something that now takes 5 minutes or less with current generation computers. We have developed Excel spreadsheet template models for both regenerative agriculture and economic development projects. We eliminate most of the spreadsheet programming and allow clients to easily input their project’s financials. We then shift the process by working collaboratively with clients to refine their models, reduce risk, enhance revenues, minimize costs, and maximize profits. This process drastically cuts the time and cost of making an investment banking grade model.

Corporate Cashflow Model Template Spreadsheet

Use to develop investment banking grade consolidated pro-forma financial models with underlying models for each enterprise to help structure your business, reduce risk, and raise capital.

Financial Planning & Modeling Project Portfolio