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Energy Cost Reduction Assessment

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Understand Your Energy Usage & How You Can Convert Energy Into A Competitive Advantage Through Investments In Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

We have evaluated, designed, financed, and/or developed over 600 commercial and utility scale renewable energy and energy efficiency projects covering all major technologies including solar PV, solar thermal, wind, energy storage, fuel cells, geothermal, biofuels, LED lighting, net zero energy greenhouses, and a wide variety of energy efficiency measures.

Over the years, we have found that most businesses, schools, governments, and real estate developers never thought about energy generation or efficiency when they built or acquired their buildings – especially those that were built or acquired in years past when energy was cheap. As a result, most buildings on average waste about 20% of the energy they use while the least efficient buildings waste 40% or more of their energy. The agriculture industry in the United States is one of the least efficient users of energy in the country. Utility rate schedules continue to creep higher every year and are not giving their customers any of the benefits from low wholesale electric rates caused by massive utility investment in solar, wind, and natural gas while higher cost coal and nuclear plants are being retired.

The first step to evaluating which energy efficiency and generation investments make economic sense is to audit past energy usage. Although “Level 2” and “Level 3” energy audits for commercial buildings are becoming more common, many of these audits are regulatory driven, labor intensive, and very expensive such that they only make economic sense for entities with very large buildings or campuses. We have developed a client checklist and worksheet that allows clients to save money and collect the data themselves that we require to do a proper analysis. This saves thousands of dollars of labor and travel for every building analyzed.

Client Energy Assessment Checklist & Data Collection Worksheet

Complete one per electric meter.

Once our clients collect the required data, we complete an analysis of their historical energy usage to generate a baseline. Then, we work through the data to evaluate the energy saving potential for a variety of energy efficiency measures and their financial impacts and returns. We also evaluate the suitability of the site for on-site generation of renewable energy, generate preliminary system designs and configurations, simulate the designs to evaluate the effects of shade and model the performance of the system, and generate a financial analysis covering all recommended energy efficiency and renewable energy measures. As part of the solar design process, we prepare AutoCAD DXF single line drawings, CAD layouts for the solar panels, and generate renderings showing the layout of the modules and inverters over a Google Earth satellite image. These designs can be used to obtain building permits and to select vendors. Once we have a base design built, it is relatively easy to make changes to evaluate alternative configurations (e.g. switch module or inverter brands), change access paths, and/or optimize the design. The following are examples of some of the design outputs:

We have completed projects of all size – ranging from smaller buildings to clients with 30+ large buildings. After we have completed our energy cost reduction report, we often work with the client on an hourly basis to help them select and negotiate with vendors, obtain financing, and manage the implementation of the energy systems recommended in the report.

Energy projects with real measurable savings can easily be financed using reallocated savings from existing budgets


Energy Cost Reduction Analysis & Solar Design Portfolio