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Economic Development

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There is an entire supply chain of economic development organizations whose sole purpose is to bring jobs and investment to their communities, regions, or states. These entities offer a wide variety of economic development incentives, grants, assistance, and loans tied to job creation and investment. Most counties have invested in one or more industrial parks, technology parks, and/or spec buildings which are zoned for business and have developed infrastructure (power, water, sewer, fiber optic communications, access, buildings) that are often available for free or for low, subsidized costs to support businesses that deliver jobs and investment. Most have a minimum criteria of 10 jobs and $1 million in investment. We understand this eco system and know how to work with the various players. Economic development incentive packages typically range from $10,000 to $100,000 per job created and incorporate a mix of one or more incentives including:

  • Grants
  • Low Interest Loans
  • Free or Subsidized Rent for Office or Industrial Space
  • Free or Subsidized Acquisition of Land in Tech or Business Parks
  • Subsidized Energy Rates
  • Job Training & Recruiting Assistance
  • Assistance Obtaining Permits, Zoning, and Other Regulatory Approvals
  • Partnerships with Universities
  • Licensing of Patents and Other IP from Universities and/or Government Laboratories
  • Startup Incubator Space and Services
  • Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Grants, Rebates, or Tax Credits
  • Tax Credits for Job Creation
  • Tax Abatements of Property, Sales, Franchise, and/or Income Taxes
  • Participation in Set-Aside Programs for Small Business, Women-Owned Businesses, Veteran Owned Businesses, and/or Minority Owned Businesses
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Foreign Trade Assistance

We have extensive experience working with economic development players at the local, university, regional, and national level for projects nation wide and have secured multiple multi-million dollar incentive packages for projects in Virginia and New York. We can introduce clients to applicable economic development players, help them find suitable sites for projects, and help them secure incentive package offers for their projects.

In addition, we have worked with multiple county level Industrial Development Authorities to complete Energy Assessments to evaluate the potential of their sites and/or buildings for renewable energy and energy efficiency – both for clients and for the IDAs. We offer this service at a 50% discount for local Industrial Development Authorities and City/County Economic Development Directors to evaluate the energy potential of their tech parks and spec buildings.


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