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We work on a collaborative basis with clients to make their businesses more regenerative while increasing revenues, reducing costs, and maximizing profits. Contact us to brief us on your project and to schedule a time for an initial discussion.

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Regenerative Business Ventures was formed to fill a niche missing within the regenerative agriculture and energy space – the need for project design, consulting, strategy, financing, and development expertise with the skills and experience to help clients both develop new regenerative ventures and make existing ones more competitive and regenerative. There has also been a need to translate and present regenerative practices in the language that investors, lenders, USDA, economic development players, regulators, and the business world understand and expect. We work on a collaborative basis with clients to make their businesses more regenerative while increasing revenues, reducing costs, and maximizing profits.

About our Founder:  Richard Peyton George, Ph.D.

I have spent all of my 25 year professional career starting, financing, developing, or advising energy, agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and technology ventures and projects. In addition to Regenerative Business Ventures, I am also a partner at Chobe Advisers LLC,  a physical commodities project development, marketing, consulting and advisory firm based in New York City, and hold equity stakes in several regenerative agriculture projects for which I am part of the development team. I have also previously worked at KPMG Consulting and Enron earlier in my career. I have been creating investment banking grade corporate cashflow models for physical commodity projects for over twenty years dating back to my time at Enron when I worked in their deal pricing and risk analysis group that was responsible for doing cashflow modeling and structuring of transactions.

I spent the past four years developing energy and agriculture projects in places that the Washington establishment and their allies in the big cities have ignored for decades – places like the seven Virginia coalfield counties, St Lawrence and Schoharie counties in upstate New York, and Oldham County in Texas. Over this period, I met and worked with a large number of local and regional economic development players and gained numerous insights into both the roadblocks that prevent investment and job creation for projects that are technically and financially feasible without subsidies and how to work with local, regional, state, and federal economic development players to successfully implement projects that bring jobs and investment to rural and economically depressed regions.

Much of my work during the past four years has focused on agricultural economic development of commercial scale projects that leverage advances in energy technologies, drones, food aggregation/processing/distribution, and restorative agriculture. America’s rural areas and small towns have great untapped potential and can create millions of jobs. I have evaluated, worked on, proposed, and/or developed multiple net zero energy greenhouse, climate controlled mushroom production, rotational grazing, meat processing, food aggregation, agroforestry, and farm revitalization projects.

I have developed, financed, advised, and/or evaluated over 600 commercial and utility scale solar, wind, energy storage, and energy efficiency projects in Virginia, Tennessee, California, New Jersey, Louisiana, Oregon, New York, Hawaii, New York, Massachusetts, and Colombia over the past decade. I have extensive experience completing technical and financial evaluations of projects and can easily determine which projects are feasible without subsidies.

I have a doctorate that focused on entrepreneurship (my dissertation developed text data mining methods to mine the research literature and patent applications for investment and competitive analysis purposes), two business degrees (MBA from Cal Berkeley and BS from University of Virginia) that focused on finance, management, and strategy, graduate mechanical engineering (University of Virginia) that focused on manufacturing and included a masters thesis on quality management, and have completed multiple continuing education classes and seminars on regenerative agriculture and renewable energy topics. Unlike most finance types, I take pride in the fact that I can design, build, and wire pretty much any type of building and energy system and fabricate a wide variety of parts from metal, wood, and plastics using both traditional subtractive manufacturing processes and additive 3D printing technologies.