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10 Principles for Regenerative Business Ventures

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10 Principles for Regenerative Business Ventures

These ten principles cover the core essence and goals of a regenerative business venture:

1) Develop business models that grow the asset base rather than strip mine it

2) Invest in technologies, infrastructure, and businesses that are appropriate with the context of the venture’s goals, resources, and vision

3) Leverage renewable energy and energy efficiency to make energy a competitive advantage

4) Create and sustain full time jobs with benefits that allow worker growth, continued training, and achievement of their potential

5) Create sustainable businesses with a diversified set of enterprises [revenue streams; products; services] that maximize economic value added (EVA)

6) Operate efficiently, lean, and minimize waste of all forms

7) Communicate value clearly and concisely in language that your target audience understands

8) Move from fragmented and degenerative systems to regenerative systems using whole system design to integrate all business and design elements

9) Improve the local ecosystem (soils, water, biodiversity, community, etc.) rather than degrade it

10) Implement regenerative agricultural and land management practices

Although very few businesses are 100% regenerative, most businesses (even ones like mining companies that are far from being green or regenerative) can be transformed and made substantially more regenerative while also increasing their revenues, reducing their costs, and maximizing their profits. Our goal is to help customers transform their businesses into regenerative business ventures.